May 12, 2023: THIS SIDE UP fundraiser

➝June 8-12, 2023: Otherworld


➝ June 16-20, 2022: Otherworld ✅

– June 18-22, 2201: Otherworld

 – April, 2020: Democracy Fundraiser 

– March-April, 2020: Volunteer Drive

We build this.

We make things. Art, music, community, spaces. We play music, host shows, and camp in the forest. Everything is volunteer. We apply for grants through Kindle Arts, but foot the bill or fundraise for the rest.

This isn’t a rave, a party, or a concert.

Don’t show up and expect to be entertained. This is participation. This is making the things. Some of it is fuckery. It’s also self reliance. Birds aren’t real.

The usual suspects.

The captains of this mostly afloat ship. We make this shit happen. Blood, sweat, dolla bills, lost souls & whiskey.

We often have guest support including DJs, labourers, builders, decorers, planners, and doers. You should try it.

Audio to share.

At it’s core, Ironic Spin is a sound camp. We invite other art (performers / DJs / bars / pyros / etc) to join us and make things bigger and better. Want a slot? Get ahold of us. Want our music? 

Here you go.


Current project grants under review by the Kindle Arts Grant team:


Ironic Spin Sound Camp

Same as it ever was. But better.


Past Grants:

Ironic Spin Sound Camp ✅
Same bat time, same bat channel. Probably fixing some things. We break things.

Power to the People
Eel. Leck. Tricity. For the sound camp, and for the masses. Plug in & Chill.

Join us.

Wanna help? Can you add something great or do many menial tasks? Make music? Art? Empires? 


Do something good with your Otherworld. Reach out to us on Facebook